Get Your Top 5 Questions Answered in Our FAQ About Lava Lake Big Sky MT

If you’ve never been to Lava Lake Big Sky, MT, you may wonder why it is a popular tourist attraction. In this blog, we’ll answer your top questions about everything you need to know to visit, including where it is, how to get there, and other essential details about exciting and fun things to do there.

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Location of Lava Lake

Lava Lake Trailhead is about 20 minutes north-northeast of Big Sky, MT.

It is a 6-mile hike round trip and sits in the Gallatin National Forest. This gorgeous hike is popular with tourists and locals due to its moderate hike and stunning beauty.

How Do You Get to Lava Lake?

To get to the Lava Lake trailhead from Big Sky, go to US-191 north to Cascade Creek Rd and take a left. From there, hike the trailhead, leading you through stunning landscapes until you reach the lake.

Can you swim in Lava Lake, Montana?

Yes. You can swim at Lava Lake, but due to the higher elevation, this lake is not warm, contrary to its name. Be sure to bring adequate clothing and keep an eye on your surroundings and belongings since the lake has no paid personnel on site. Experienced hikers recommend taking bear spray with you just to be safe.

Is Lava Lake Trail open?

Yes, the Lava Lake Trail is generally open for hiking from May until October as weather permits. You should check with local authorities or park rangers before leaving to see if there are any temporary closures.

How long is the Lava Lake Trail?

Lava Lake Trail is an “out and back” trail and is approximately 6 miles long round trip. It is rated a moderately difficult trail, so you will get a workout doing this hike.

Are there fish in Lava Lake, Montana?

Yes. You can find various fish species at Lave Lake and even take your fishing pole if you love fishing. Remember to get any licenses or permits necessary. You should go early since this popular trail gets busy with other hikers.


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