4 Important Things You Need to Know About Yellowstone in the Winter

Before going to Yellowstone in the winter it is best to prepare. Read all the latest information about weather, roads, and closures. Many roads and businesses close and will not be accessible until June. Planning ensures you have the best and safest Yellowstone winter vacation possible.

Despite closures, there are still many ways to enjoy Yellowstone National Park in the winter. We created a quick guide to give you all the best information to make your winter trip fantastic. Be sure to bookmark this page for easy reference!

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4 Best Tips About Yellowstone in the Winter

What to know about the winter weather in Yellowstone

Yellowstone’s average temperatures range between zero and 20˚F during the day in winter. At night, expect the temperatures to drop into sub-zero ranges. Snowfall is around 150 inches per year, but in higher elevations could be more.

For current temperatures, go to the Yellowstone weather map.


All about openings and closures around Yellowstone

  • Roads
    Many roads in Yellowstone close in the winter for maintenance. The only entrances that stay open are the North and Northeast entrances. To stay updated, Park Roads will give you information on closures, construction, and more. See the current conditions for more information on the park.
  • Services
    Yellowstone is often affected by adverse weather that can damage roads or facilities. These will close for repairs when need be. Check updates and alerts to see if your plans need to change. Another page to bookmark is the Operating Hours & Seasons on the government website. Here you will get a list of seasonal services.
  • Lodging
    In the winter, having a list of open facilities like warming huts and lodges can make all the difference. Know where to go if you get caught out in bad weather. Learn where you can warm up, use the restroom, and buy food, water, and fuel in Yellowstone in winter. You may not have internet access in parts of the park, so bring hard copies of this information.


What Wildlife is Visible Around Yellowstone in the Winter?

Wildlife watching in Yellowstone is the perfect winter activity. You will likely see wolves, bison, owls, foxes, and trumpeter swans. Yellowstone offers breathtaking opportunities for amazing photographs of wildlife in the winter. Learn more about the Secrets of Wildlife Watching and find guided tours.

Things to do in Yellowstone in the Winter

Winter months offer many exciting adventures for people who love winter outdoors. For a list of things to do and see each month, check out this list for seasonal highlights. Some exciting activities in the winter are skiing, dog sledding, snowshoeing. You can also take guided snowmobiling, snowcoach, and wildlife-watching tours.

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