Here Are the 10 Best Things to Do in Big Sky for Non-Skiers

It’s no secret that Big Sky, Montana, is a world-class ski destination. But what if you aren’t a skiing fanatic? If you’re searching for additional ways to enjoy the abundance of snow and mountains, or if you’d prefer to stay out of the white powder, there’s plenty of things to do in Big Sky for non-skiers

One of the reasons why Big Sky is such a sought after vacation spot is the fact that you can visit it in the winter or summer! To determine which time of the year is ideal for you to visit the area, check out this guide regarding the best time to visit Big Sky

What Is the Best Time to Visit Big Sky?

What Can You Do in Big Sky If You Don’t Ski?

Here is our list of the top then things to do in Big Sky for non-skiers. 

1. Snowshoeing 

If you prefer a more laidback way to explore the dazzling winter scenery, then snowshoeing is perfect for you. Big Sky Resort offers snowshoe tours that meander peacefully through the Moose Tracks Gully. 

2. Shopping

It’s always a fun day when you shop for momentoes to remember a fantastic vacation. You can find an array of unique shops and boutiques at Meadow Village, Mountain Village, and Big Sky Town Center

3. Dog Sledding

If you desire the experience of a lifetime, then you need to go dog sledding through Moonlight Basin. Spirit of the North is a fantastic local company that specializes in providing magical trips through the Montana mountains led by Alaskan huskies. 

4. Ice Skating

big sky ice skating

What’s a fun-filled winter activity that people of all ages can enjoy? Ice skating! Hit the ice at the Big Sky Town Center Ice Rink and participate in drop-in hockey, broomball, kids skating, and open-skate. 

5. Snowmobiling 

The best secrets of Big Sky Country can’t be seen on foot. When the landscapes become snowy and icy, the best way to get around and explore is by snowmobile. There’s a list of local companies that offer snowmobile tours, and you can’t go wrong with any of them. 

6. Shows at Warren Miller Performing Arts Center

Year-round, Warren Miller Performing Arts Center offers you world-class music, theatre, dance, and more. The center showcases international and local talent in a small-venue format providing you with a special, intimate experience.

7. Sleigh Rides

big sky sleigh ride

Treat yourself to a truly memorable experience with a sleigh ride through the snowy mountainscapes of Big Sky. Whether you’re on a romantic getaway or a family vacation, it’s an authentic Western experience that everyone will love. Please take a look at our Unforgettable Night for 2 Package that includes a sleigh ride to Elkhorn Ranch, where you will enjoy a family-style dinner. 

8. Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone is a breathtaking National Park that can be enjoyed year-round. You can explore the park in the winter, or if you’re visiting Big Sky in the summer, it’s the perfect snow-free activity. While in Yellowstone, you can hike, bike, fish, kayak, and more! 

9. Fly Fishing


Fly fishing is another popular activity in Big Sky that can happen during any season. You can choose from five blue-ribbon trout streams that flow through Southwestern Montana, including Big Sky’s Gallatin River. Other nearby legendary rivers are the Madison, Big Hole, Yellowstone, and Missouri.

10. Learn to Ski

Big Sky is an unbelievable place to visit whether you’re a skier or not. However, if you’ve never skied before, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Big Sky Resort offers a wide range of private, group, and children ski lessons. Group lessons are an excellent opportunity to improve your skills while meeting like skiers during your stay. 

The Best Lodging in Big Sky

wilson hotel room

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