You Need to Experience These One-of-a-Kind Montana Hidden Gems

Montana is a breathtaking state unlike any other. It’s filled with dramatic mountains, fascinating wildlife, exciting hot springs, out-of-this-world national parks, and an abundance of ways to get back to nature. The next time you visit us in Big Sky, MT, why not explore some things that are off the beaten path? We’ll tell you about some of our favorite Montana hidden gems! 

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Check Out These Montana Hidden Gems 

A trip to Big Sky isn’t complete without trying some of the area’s most popular activities (skiinghorseback ridingwhitewater rafting, etc.). However, we know some of Montana’s best-kept secrets, and we think that you should try something different and explore some Montana hidden gems 

Beartooth Mountains 

mountain rangeJust north of Yellowstone National Park, you’ll find the Beartooth Mountains. They span over 944,000 acres and are located within Custer, Gallatin, and Shoshone National Forests. This area is home to Montana’s largest peak, the steep mass known as Granite Peak (elevation of 12,807 feet above sea level). 

The Murals at St. Ignatius Mission 

The St. Ignatius Mission is a gorgeous church in Montana listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. This historic Catholic church is famous for its walls and ceilings covered in 58 original mural paintings. Plus, the church is situated upon the Flathead Indian Reservation and has a breathtaking backdrop of the Mission Mountain Range.  

American Computer & Robotics Museum 

Located in Bozeman, the American Computer & Robotics Museum features intriguing displays and exhibits regarding computing, communications, artificial intelligence, and robotics. This museum is a fun-filled day for the whole family and is named “The #1 Thing To Do in Bozeman” on TripAdvisor! 

“Bleu Horses” Sculpture in Three Forks 

As you’re driving along Highway 287 just north of Three Forks, MT, your gaze might catch sight of a group of powerful stallions. Surprise! This is actually a collection of 39 steel horse sculptures that was permanently installed on the hillside. The sculptures were created by Jim Dolan and named for the color of the horses, known as blue roan.  

Burial Site of Circus Elephant, Old Pitt 

Old Pitt was the name of a 102-year-old elephant who was part of the Cole Brothers Circus. In 1943 during a matinee performance, a severe thunderstorm hit, and Old Pitt was devastatingly struck and killed by a strike of lightning. In homage to Old Pitt, the elephant was buried right where she died. Today, you can visit the burial site in Dillon, MT, where you’ll find a gravesite marker with a white fence around it.  

Sapphires at the Gem Gallery 

The Gem Gallery is a premier custom jewelry store in historic downtown Bozeman. The store specializes in rare Montana Yogo Sapphires and custom-designed jewelry. Yogo sapphires are found in Yogo Gulch in Montana and are known for their cornflower blue color, high-uniform clarity, and brilliance. Visit the store, check out the largest selection of Yogo sapphires, and pick out a unique treasure.  

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